Domestic Hot Water


Solar solutions

The production of domestic hot water is a major expense on the utilities bill of any home. Fortunately, these expenses can be greatly reduced by using the free energy that our homes receive every day. Solar domestic hot water can be a big energy saver. The region of Alicante, Calpe, Moraira and Altea, is ideal for such systems where they can provide free energy the whole year round.

How does it work?
Solar water heating systems use solar panels, called collectors, fitted to your roof or close to your home. These collect heat from the sun and use it to warm up water which is stored in a hot water cylinder. The heat stored in this water is directly available for any domestic use.


Is a solar water heating system suitable for my home?
Most homes present no problems for installing a solar domestic hot water system. All you need is a sunny place of about 3-4 square metres of roof space facing east, west or south and which receives direct sunlight for the main part of the day. Alternatively, the solar collectors may also be placed in the garden.


Roof compact system (Thermosiphon)
The solar panels and the deposit are both placed on the roof. This eliminates the need for a pump and other hydraulical elements, thus simplifying the overall installation. Solahart - High quality thermosyphon systems.

Split system
The panels are placed on the roof and the deposit inside the house. This reduces the aesthetic impact of the installation, because there will be no solar boiler on the roof. Since the deposit may be placed at various locations, it can be located closer to the main distribution points, allowing quicker access to the warm water.

Drain-back system
This is a split system that provides automatic emptying and draining of the collector whenever the system is turned off or the collector temperature strays outside a specified temperature range. A circulation pump shuts itself down and then gravity drains the water to the storage tank and heat exchanger. The durability and the reliability of the system are largely explained by the use of gravity draining water instead of pressure and glycol.


The system is immune to pump failure or damages. Another advantage of these systems is that they can be easily integrated with home heating systems (radiators and underfloor heating). Rotex - The leading drain-back system producer on the market.

Heat pumps

The heat pump technology is the future for domestic heat production. It is clean, functional, efficient and over the next years, its economic advantage over traditional fuel systems will only increase. The reason heat pumps are so advantageous is that they produce more energy than they consume. This means that for every kWh you pay to the electrical utility, you get three to five kWh of thermal energy for your home.

If a gas boiler is used for your hot water production you will reduce your monthly expenses by 30% or 40%. On the other hand, if an electrical boiler is used, costs drop even further, easily saving up to 70%. Furthermore, since heat pumps work only on electricity, current gas boiler users can liberate themselves from the inconvenient gas bottles, dangerous piping and gas houses. In combination with solar boilers, they are the best way to use create your domestic hot water.

Because of their efficiency, heat pumps contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. This led the European parliament (December 2008) to expand the definition of renewable energy sources to include air source heat pumps.

The region of Alicante is ideal for heat pumps. Places like Calpe, Moraira and Altea rarely present under zero temperatures, allowing these systems to be highly efficient.

Non-renewable solutions

Although ecologically friendly systems should be used whenever possible, in some situations this is not viable or not sufficient to cover all the energy needs. If this were the case, gas or electrical joule effect systems should be employed as the main domestic hot water source.

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